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I haven’t written in my blog for a couple of weeks. The reason is that I decided to challenge myself and make a large Contemporary Art Quilt more quickly than I ever have. One I made in 2010 called “Western Pennsylvania — Oh What a Relief” got into a show here in Pittsburgh and has received favorable comments. It is inspired by a “colored geographical relief” map that shows elevations overlaid by geologic formations. I presented it at a critique and they suggested I make a companion for it. There is a national show I want to enter, and it is a good idea to enter two pieces that relate to each other. I’m coming along well on my new one, and might even get it done in time.  I’m not sure about that! But meanwhile, this is the original piece. Since this picture I’ve removed the white squiggly line on the right (the Susquehanna River, with apologies to its many fans). It got in the way of my composition! This picture shows the piece without its original, distracting border. I rebound it without a border.


I just found out that this piece sold from the Shop at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. I was thrilled, because its the first sale from my current body of work that reflected my 10,000 steps a day. Just walking, walking, walking, and really lookingImage at the pleasing shapes, shadows, and textures of my neighborhood.

I’ve been mulling over how to compose these pieces the best to get my ideas across.  This one was simple, as it was one image that was well composed as a photo. Combining images, along with found objects and different fabrics, is turning out to be a bit more difficult. I will post when I make more progress with that part!