My actual 10,000 steps

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Other Fiber Art
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At a weekend workshop called “Charting your Artistic Genealogy” developed and led by Leisa Rich, I had an “A-ha” moment when Leisa suggested I should blog about my 10,000 steps a day. <head slap!>

My blog is entitled Fabrics, found objects, and 10,000 steps a day. But  . . . I never talk about the actual process of managing to reach 10,000 steps a day!!

I aim to rectify that oversight, starting now.

I got out of the workshop at 2 PM, and checked my pedometer.  Only 2000 steps logged so far that day — despair!! On a normal week day, I walk for 30-40 minutes before even sitting down at my desk.  That gives me about 3500 steps “in the bank” to start with.

Then I walk 20-30 minutes at lunch, which gives me another 2500 or so. By jumping up from my desk at every opportunity, I can get 2000 in at work. As the work day comes to a close, I’m pleased to see I am at about 7000. So with a walk home (1900) and a walk to the studio in the evening and back (800 each way), and I’m over my 10,000.

But yesterday afternoon, I had a decision to make. To get 8000 steps more seemed overwhelming. All I wanted to do was get into my studio and work. But I decided to go for it anyway.  

I walked to the Shop ‘n Save (a nice little trick that gives me about 1500 steps total). I buy one or two things that I can carry home in my re-usable tote bag. Yesterday I added several extra blocks, so that I stood at nearly 5000 when I returned home.  Then I walked the “long way” to the studio and back. As I watched the Steelers and Raiders game after dinner, sewing away at a pile of hand work, I stood at 8000. Not quite there! Should I give up? Run in place (yuck I don’t like doing that.  Boring!)

I realized I forgot something at the studio, so I walked down and back, and Voila! I made it. When I went to bed the pedometer said 10312, and I got the little fist pumping icon that I like to see.

But what did I see and feel? Sunday the sky was the thing.  Dramatic clouds with sun-lit highlights, separated by patches of blue. I heard a weed whacker on Kent Way, and the whine of a circular saw on Carnegie Street where Keith is endlessly remodeling the home of his dreams. A determined old gentleman shoveled good rich soil from his pick-up to his garden on Natrona Way. I didn’t get specific art inspiration, but took some pictures of interesting textures.  These I will print on cloth and use in my compositions. And found objects? I snagged a prize Doritos bag (with the really strong red and orange colors), some kind of neat heavy metal washer thing, and a grinding disk.

I was happy!


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