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ImageYou never know while logging 10,000 steps a day when you are going to see something truly breathtaking.

This morning as I stepped outside my door for a walk to the grocery store was one of those mornings.

It was 7:22 AM. The very air had taken on an orange-suffused glow.  There were long strips of clouds the length of the sky, like plowed furrows in a field.  Their salmon color was almost incandescent. I walked to the store in a state of wonder; feeling like the air itself had taken on a magical quality.

By the time I arrived, the clouds had shifted to yellow, then yellow-gray.

While walking to work about 15 minutes later, the clouds strips had morphed to a dull light grey that blended in with the sky. The moment was gone forever.

I didn’t try to get a picture of it.  My camera phone would not have been able to capture the magic.

But yesterday, walking home from work, the golden light of the late afternoon sun lit up a row of old factory buildings, which the deep blue sky complemented.  I did get a picture of that. It reminded me of the most basic inspiration for my art: the beauty in our aging cities.

From the FI2013 Desk…

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Events, Other Fiber Art

From the FI2013 Desk….

Congrats to our Friends in Yukon!.

The Detritus of Working Class Lives.

ImageI was honored to have a piece accepted into the 47th Annual show of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists.  The piece is called “The Detritus of Working Class Lives.” When I go through my collection of found objects picked up while walking (and walking and walking) the streets of my neighborhood, they scream “sociological statement” to me.

Bright Dorito bags (yes I wash them out!), cigarette packages, bottle caps galore and unidentifiable pieces of metal, and so many discarded lottery tickets.  These in particular speak to me. Someone hopefully scratched and revealed a losing sequence, then tossed the colorful bit of stiff paper aside in disgust. They live again in my pieces of art just for their color.

The opening is tomorrow night, October 5.  I am so proud to know most of the artists who got into the show. The competition in PSA is getting a little tougher, as the organization grows, and more people submit to the shows. For this show we had 162 entries by 86 artists.  The juror Vicky A Clark chose 68 works by 48 artists.

The opening reception is 5:30 to 8:00 PM at Fein Art Gallery, 519 E. Ohio St., Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

The piece pictured here is 35” x 20.”