Figuratively Speaking

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Art Quilts, Events, Other Fiber Art, Uncategorized
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Figuratively Speaking

I am please to exhibit two works as part of “Figuratively Speaking” a members show at the Art Association of Harrisburg, opening January 10, 2014 with a reception from 5-8 PM. The pieces I will have in the show are “A Life Pixilated” and “Disrobed.”
There is a particular story behind “A Life Pixilated.” My mother was a very organized person, but when she died she left a box with miscellaneous photos – mostly black and white from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s that didn’t make the grade when she put together her albums. There were also many paper records: her address book and art show materials (she was an artist.)
I finally decided to use the material to compose a picture of her. I worked from her college graduation photo when she was in the full bloom of youth. What went into it were some 2000 half inch square pieces of “the rest of her life” as it unfolded, her children, her friends, and art career. Nearly everyone who was important to her is represented in this work in some way.


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