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Art of the State -- PA

I was amazed and honored to be accepted into this year’s Art of the State, the premier state-wide art competition in Pennsylvania. Only 122 works were chosen out of almost 1800 entries. The show runs from June 22 to Sept 14, 2014 at the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg.
The piece that was accepted is called Not So Empty Lot. I thought it was completed a couple of years ago, but something was bugging me. So I made a small but significant change in it last year, and – voila – it is much better. Now I am really happy with it. An added bonus is that I was able to change the date on it. An artist dates a work by the most recent addition or correction to the piece.
I am not using borders on my pieces anymore, but on this piece I decided to leave it on. The border is itself quilted, and because of the colors I feel it is an integral part of the piece. In this case, I think that was the right decision.

SAQA Conference, Alexandria, VA

I recently attended the national conference of SAQA, Studio Art Quilt Associates. I’ve been a member for several years, but only recently have decided to get more active. It is an important national organization of artists who work in the same media as I do: Studio Art Quilts.
I belong to a number of art organizations. Most include artists of many different artistic media. For most issues of composition and design, that works well. But sometimes it really does help to get in touch with the latest trends in my media. Workshops included “Critiquing Contemporary Quilt Art,” a local artists panel (the conference was held in Alexandria, VA), “Navigating the Gallery Scene: Clues to Help Find Your Niche,” “What is an Artistic Voice and Why do I Need One?” “Textile Futures: Four Overlapping Directions.”
This was the 25th Anniversary of SAQA, and the founding president, Yvonne Porcella gave a talk, “SAQA Retrospective: The Way We Were.” There was also a panel of past presidents who addressed such questions as “What was your greatest challenge?” and “Where would you like to see SAQA 25 years from now?”
I was thrilled by the opportunity to meet my heroes like Yvonne Porcella, plus Katie Pasquini Masopust, Terrie Hancock Mangat and Judith Content.
A special event was an auction of donated works by SAQA members. They were to be small – just 8 x 10. All were matted. One of Yvonne Porcella’s sold for $1000! And the overall total generated for SAQA was over $10,000. I was thrilled when my “Metadata” sold for $100 to Terrie Mangat! (Metadata is pictured).
I’m already looking forward to the 2015 conference in Portland, Oregon!


We recently re-photographed a number of my Studio Art Quilt pieces. This was based on acquiring new knowledge about what is expected on a professional level.
The background we were using wasn’t completely white.
The photo shows a detail of the old (on the left) and new photos (on the right) side by side.
I had submitted an application to become a “Juried Art Member” or, yes, a JAM, of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates). I was rejected, but the feedback they gave me really helped me improve – especially in the area of the photographs of my work.
In addition we are now using four lights, two on each side, for more even lighting. This is important especially for large pieces. Our next purchase will be for “daylight” bulbs for the lights, to further improve the lighting.