Artistic Throw Pillows

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I decided I needed an additional “craft” type product, and got excited about the idea of making throw pillows. So far I have three types, a collage of vintage linens, designer cotton diamonds, and use of Molas from Panama. I’ll try selling at the Holiday Shop at Art Plus Gallery in West Reading and the Urban Craft Fest in Wyomissing, PA on Friday.  Wish me luck!pillows 2 molas

  1. rachel Pavilack says:

    Hello Martha, do you have photos of your pillows? I’m interested for a client and for myself. Also i have a client that i am looking for artwork. Perhaps you could make something for her?


  2. So far I have three designs.
    One is a collage of vintage linens. I look for hand embroidered pieces, collage with cut up doilies and add buttons. See the front pillow in the attachment Pillows1.
    The second design uses beautiful designer fabrics and a diamond quilting pattern. See the back pillow in Pillows 1 and the front pillow in Pillows 3.
    The Pillows Mola picture shows use of the Mola, handmade designs made by the Cuna Indians of Panama.
    Most pillows are 16 x 16″, but I have two Mola designs that are 18 x 18″
    The price points are:
    For the Vintage Linens and designers cottons at 16 x 16 inches: $38, including custom made insert with Fiber-Fil®
    For the Molas: the 16 x 16″ are $58, and the larger, 18 x 18 is $68.
    I am able to make various colors of the designer cotton diamonds.
    The vintage linens are more limited: basically whites and off whites with whatever interesting bits of embroidery and doilies I can find and buy.
    The Molas will take a little longer, as I have to order more from Panama.


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