The Importance of Quilting

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Art Quilts
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A quilting friend called me out recently for, essentially, being guilty of unimaginative quilting on my Studio Art Quilts.

Quilting is the stitching that holds the layers of a quilt together.  That is true whether speaking of traditional quilts, or Art Quilts, which is what I make.  They are quilts for the wall, not the bed.

She was right. For my free motion stitching I was basically using only either stippling or straight rows of stitches.

II started studying free motion quilting patterns, and I decided to be more imaginative with quilting my areas. I still wanted to make sure the quilting was appropriate for my composition and design. For example, I wouldn’t want to use a flowery quilting pattern on a brick wall. Probably not, that is!

I found to be very useful. Leah Day is a good teacher, and her little videos of each design she comes up with were all the instruction I needed to get started. I also follow her on Pinterest.

Here are a few details of my pieces since I’ve been working harder on this aspect of my work.

quilting detail tree branchQuilting detail black and whitequilting detail, black and white 2


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