Let the Games Begin

Posted: August 7, 2015 in Art, Art Quilts, Events, Learning
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I bought myself a present recently, Dianne Hire’s 2004 book Quilters Playtime. I had read an article in the Reading Eagle about an event called “Quilters Odyssey” in Hershey, PA.  But, darn, I missed the event. I read the article after the event had already happened!

What caught my eye in the article was a class called “Danglers, Curvies, Wedgies — a fabric free for all.” That really appealed to me! When I looked it up the teacher was Dianne Hire. So I bought her book and decided to teach myself instead.

I don’t usually piece. Most of my work has been raw edge applique. I was surprised at how much time her methods took. But, yes, they are fun “games.”

So far I’ve played “Hopscotch” “Tic Tac Toe” and “Checkerboard.” Here is my first completed piece using the games. The blue part is using “Hopscotch” and the yellow background is using “Checkerboard.” The rest — found objects, yarn, and embroidery are my own addition. I can’t help myself! The title is Pirate’s Lair.

A second piece is half way finished, and there are more to come.  Thank you Dianne!

Quilters Playtime, Dianne  S. Hire, 2004, American Quilter's Society

Quilters Playtime, Dianne S. Hire, 2004, American Quilter’s Society

Pirates Lair

Martha Ressler, Pirates’ Lair, 19 x12″, fabric and found objects, 2015.

  1. Espirational says:

    I like that! I’m doing a little experimenting right now too.


  2. This is absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to be producing work like this. Thanks for sharing it! 💛


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