The Stitches that Bind Us

Posted: August 27, 2015 in Art Quilts, Business of Art, Events
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I wrote recently about attending a poetry reading by Jennifer Hetrick, about workers.

This is a follow up, regarding Jennifer’s interview with me for the Reading Eagle. How it all came about is a twisted path, starting with a recommendation from Jane Stahl of Studio B Gallery in Boyertown. Jennifer pitched an interview with me to her editor, then it got waylaid. I nearly forgot about it.

I attended Jennifer’s reading without connecting her with that long-ago idea for an interview, and got caught up in her poetry reading.  I introduced myself afterwards, and she remembered my name. She then re-pitched the article, got the go-ahead, and did the interview.

Here is her final product. Thank you to Jane and Jennifer!



  1. Genie Geer says:

    Isn’t that fabulous! Congratulations! And, your ‘twisted path’ comment is inspiring.


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