I loved the title of this show: My Corner of the World (International Exhibition). I related to the title, so I entered.

It is a SAQA show (Studio Art Quilts Associates) that will debut at the Stratford Perth Museum, Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

What I entered was a piece called Evening in Steel Valley. It was inspired by the view from my spacious sunny studio in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh. The houses in the alley were ordinary — one was even boarded up. The view also included an old steel factory, which has been repurposed. And we see the rolling hills in the background, which are the northern banks of the Allegheny River.

I remember I crawled out of the studio window onto a flat roof to get the sketch and photo that I needed to capture this view. I had left work at my day job for the day, and was starting my evening work in the studio. The setting sun hit the buildings in a way to create additional angles and shapes.

I felt this truly was “My Corner of the World” at that moment.

The exhibit will travel, and run from May 2016 to June 2018.


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