The cooperative gallery of which I’m a member, Art Plus Gallery in West Reading, PA, has been experimenting.

We’ve increased the number of outside venues where we show members art from 3 to 7 and counting. Most of them are cafes or restaurants, and yes, we do occasionally get a sale.

But two of them are different. One is a realtors office, where people are buying homes, and presumably making changes in their decor at the same time.

The other is a design studio. The opening there is tonight, and I’m excited to see what happens.

We did have one sale at the realtors office so far.

martha at Weichert

Martha Ressler, from left: Re-configuring Drake’s Drilling,\; Western PA — Oh What a Relief; Eastward Ho.  Art Quilts. Weichert Realtors.

Milkweed at Saylor House

Martha Ressler, on left, Milkweed, Food Fit for a Monarch.  Art Quilt. Saylor House


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