About Martha Ressler

I am an artist. I also walk 10,000 steps a day and keep an artistic eye open with every step for inspiration: the shapes, angles and shadows of my working class and industrial neighborhood of Pittsburgh. I pick up “found objects” (aka interesting litter!) that I find along the way. These bits tend to work their way into my pieces.

The art itself is based on fabrics, other fibers and plastics. They are collaged and sewn together by machine and hand. The technical term for them is “Contemporary Art Quilts.”

For the last year I have concentrated on my intrepretations of paintings artists did during the heyday of steel-making in Pittsburgh. I will continue to make these too, using antique lace for the smoke, for example.

I have a large sunny studio in Lawrenceville, where I also live and work. With this blog I will share finished pieces, events where I show my art, and occasional thoughts about the processes I use.

  1. I’m enjoying your blog, Martha! Wonderful start.


  2. gonerustic says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog – love what you do, especially the way you use found objects, and are inspired by where you live … =D


  3. Janet Hosokawa says:

    I do not “do” blogs but I wandered into yours and I am enjoying the journey. Janet in Camarillo.


  4. Hello Martha. I just learned that we will exhibit together in a small-group show at some things looming. I looked you up and said, “I know her!” I think I met you in Pittsburgh last year. I look forward to exhibiting together.

    Marie Bergstedt


  5. Janet Hosokawa says:

    I am struck by the warmth and I like looking at Uncanned Heat.


  6. Wow! I love your blog! It has introduced me to a whole new area of artistic practice that I knew nothing about. I am astounded at the beauty and diversity of the works you write about in your blog. The richness and personality in all of them shines through and I have to say that I wish more painters had the colour sense and design daring of quilters! Thank you so much for your labour of love.


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