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This is a new piece I call “Ice Cream Day.” It is a portrait of my mother-in-law, who lives with us. Food is a major excitement in her life, and especially Wednesdaysice cream day 26 x 21.5 med and Sundays when it is our custom to eat  ice cream for dessert.

The medium is fabric, paper and found object collage, with free motion machine stitching and hand embroidery for the edges. It is mounted on a linen covered board, and the dimensions are 26 x 21.5″.

Blue Abstract

This started with a photo I took using my phone while walking. What caught my eye was the composition – all of those blue angles and shapes in the old Heppenstall factory building in Lawrenceville (Pittsburgh).
I got it printed on cloth with the intention of cutting it up and collaging it.
But the composition resisted being cut up. So I left it whole, and decided to “thread paint” it. To answer the usual questions: yes, it takes a long time. I can finish an area approximately 3 by 3 inches in 2 and a half hours (an evening’s work for me). Yes, it takes a lot of thread. Thousands of yards of it. Sometimes I have a “thread emergency” when I need a certain color, and have to take the 30 minutes drive to Joann Fabrics. But I do enjoy it. It really feels like painting. A lot of the same principles apply. I analyze an area first, then stitch in the accent colors, letting the threads connect between the areas. After that I stitch the main color or colors in an area. That covers up the connecting threads from the accent areas.
And of course, finally, I add my found objects, little treasures that caught my eye while I walk 10,000 steps a day.
The size is 14 x 20 inches.

This piece was accepted into “Tone it UP” opening May 11 at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. The idea was to create on a theme that we are passionate about. I am passionate about lowering my carbon footprint, so I used plastic bags, cut them up and heat-fused them together. I used a simple, classic composition, but there is detail up close. The entire background is hand quilted, and there are words/images you can make out among the pieces of plastic.