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After I made my sampler for my upcoming “12 Ways to Use Found Objects” in art quilts class, I decided I liked the little cat  (#9) so much I wanted to turn the idea into a little art quilt. (see my posted blog for Dec. 22.)

So, here is how I made him. The substrate is black felt (I lined the back with a fused piece of cotton fabric for extra strength. Next I cut the various elements, mostly using a tin snips (Stanley). It makes light work on plastics. The red tool is just a wire cutter. (yikes I really should clean these tools!)

Then I started to lay it out.


Hm, it looks like he needs something behind him.

Krazy Kat 1

I had started to add the hand embroidery at that point.

Here is Krazy Kat finished.  He is 5 x 7, and waiting for his frame.  I’ll show him in January.

Oh dear, the ears get a little lost with that background .  .  .  .

Krazy Kat


cat and lace 7 x 5 lo res

This little sweetie is the product of a screen printing class I took at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts from Abby Ryder. I printed the brightly colored cat four times, so she may look familiar in the next three days.

It will be framed, but that is not accomplised yet.

Martha Ressler

Cat with Lace

Art Quilt

7 x 5″

SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) organizes a “Spotlight Auction” as a major fundraiser at it annual conference. They ask member artists to make a piece only 6 x 8″, either horizontal or vertical, unfinished on the edges. They then put it in a mat and cellophane sleeve, and arrange in a well-organized (and very competitive) silent auction.

Since I didn’t have much time yesterday, I decided to make my donation for this great event. Because it is a small piece it took me less time.

It is a follow up on the previous day’s “What the Cat Saw.”  This one is called “Darn I Was Expecting Art Supplies.” I do depend on ordering many of my supplies. Sometimes you get a surprise!

Darn I Was Expecting Art Supplies 8 x 6

A return to the theme of mail boxes in rural areas.  I was struck by them when I first moved to the country.  I’m sure they are taken for granted by those who live here all their lives. But each one is unique, with its particular characteristics of wear and tear, or chirpy seasonal decor. And there they are, out by the road, open to whatever the world has to offer them.

What fun if they held funk not junk mail — all kinds of surprises like these do. I’m not sure I’d trust the children to go retrieve the mail if I didn’t know what was going to be therein!

Anyway, the cat sees all and knows all. Which leads me to the title of this one: What the Cat Saw, art quilt, 20 x 16.5.

Check out the 30 for 30 Art Challenge.

We’re almost half way there!

This one has several reference point to my neighborhood walking around. All three street signs are doing duty on my dead end street, plus the decomposing school bus in the top right corner. My idea was to give the viewer the choice of obeying the stop sign at the lower right, or wandering throughout the fantasy ground and enjoying the fruits and flowers, the scampering chicken, the looming cat and the rest of the wonders to behold.

The title is “What’s Your Sign” and the size is 16.25 x 20.25.

Be sure to visit

to see what other artists are up to. I exchange encouragement and stories with a couple of others in my area who are taking the challenge: Brian Warfel and Karen Weber.