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Jack and the Hemp Stalk lo res

Will the now-legalized growing of hemp in PA, and the legalization of medical marijuana bring new success for agriculture?

Either way, Jack is managing to get higher and higher!

Martha Ressler

Jack and the Hemp Stalk

Art Quilt, 20 x 16″

there was an old farmer lo res

I made up a little poem for my fourth day of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days:

There was an old farmer who lived in a shoe.

He had so many debts he didn’t know what to do.

He kicked out the children and grabbed a gun.

As far as I know he’s still on the run!

The piece was inspired by a 19th century moralistic fable book by Dr. Heinrich Hoffman called Struwwelpeter (Slovenly Peter.) The old guy racing across the front with his musket is from that book.

Mother is walking the squirrel, Mrs. Turkey Hen looks for her baby, who is next door trying to learn to read. Meanwhile Banana man checks on the weather, while the children play.

Another one in the series of life in the country, as it isn’t! The title is Curious Happenings, and the size is 15.75 x 33.5 This was a one day piece, albeit all-day! I’m using the same technique of pieces of plastic bags overlaid with tulle, or sheer fabrics. The original photos are printed onto cloth, and the commercial cotton pictures are backed with Mistyfuse and “fussy cut.”

Only five days left!  I might change direction today.

Usually life in the country is peaceful.  Except when it’s not. The children are escaping from the house, the new neighbors don’t look too friendly, mom is having trouble starting the truck, and even the mail service is starting to getting hinky. Oh dear!

This one was inspired by the title of a show I want to enter.  It is called Turmoil.  Similar to the show about borders and boundaries, this one first made me think all kinds of dark thoughts concerning today’s headlines.  But then I determined to give the poor juror a laugh and create something more lighthearted.

The title is “A Troubled Day in the Country.” It was a three-day effort because it is bigger — 25.25 x 30.5″  OK it’s not the biggest art quilt in the world, but it is bigger compared to the ones I have been making for the 30 for 30 challenge.

We live at the base of a mountain, and especially during mulberry season, often speak of “evidence of bear.” Meaning, well, let me just say that the “evidence” is full of mulberry seeds and of a specific shape and consistency.

In today’s fantasy, entitled “Evidence of Bear,” the bear (another neighbor’s lawn ornament), is hard to miss. I think he has his eye on the delicious looking fish atop the house.

The size of this piece is 15 x 18.75, and again I’ve started with a background of plastic bags, and tulle pieces which gives a feel of watercolor washes.

Let’s see what happens today. Be sure to check out what other artists are doing at



This is a “two day” piece, and a continuation of the theme of unknown neighbors. For the background,  I continued the use of plastic bags (I have quite a collection of wonderful colors) along with tulle (sheer fabric) and of course Mistyfuse, a heat activated fusing material for fabric.

My sister-in-law’s pet turkey makes another large scale entrance, as well as a new item found in someone’s yard — the funny little man in the top hat. And of course I’m continuing to have fun with quirky commercial prints. Oh, and for some reason there has been a baby picture of my uncle in my studio for some time. He gets center stage.

The title is “Strange Neighbors?” and the size is 14.25 x 30.25.

This was was inspired by the title of an art show I intend to enter called “Boundaries, Borders and Thresholds.” After I had a flood of thoughts about the serious events and associations that came to mind (US/Mexican border; fear of immigrants; historical Berlin wall etc etc,) I started to think about the close to home boundary of neighbor to neighbor.

I checked my growing repository of photos from my neighborhood, and sure enough there was a nice house in town, and a contrasting tiny (ex-outhouse??) behind a neighbor’s house. And it made me giggle to put that big woman from a commercial cotton print inside the nice house.

My sister and brother-in-law’s pet turkey glares menacing from the “ex-outhouse??” and various other and sundry creatures abound. I used some bits of plastic bags under the tulle in the sky, and I like the effect.  That idea will get me started on my next piece.

Makes me think these neighbors should have met a long time ago!

SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) organizes a “Spotlight Auction” as a major fundraiser at it annual conference. They ask member artists to make a piece only 6 x 8″, either horizontal or vertical, unfinished on the edges. They then put it in a mat and cellophane sleeve, and arrange in a well-organized (and very competitive) silent auction.

Since I didn’t have much time yesterday, I decided to make my donation for this great event. Because it is a small piece it took me less time.

It is a follow up on the previous day’s “What the Cat Saw.”  This one is called “Darn I Was Expecting Art Supplies.” I do depend on ordering many of my supplies. Sometimes you get a surprise!

Darn I Was Expecting Art Supplies 8 x 6

A return to the theme of mail boxes in rural areas.  I was struck by them when I first moved to the country.  I’m sure they are taken for granted by those who live here all their lives. But each one is unique, with its particular characteristics of wear and tear, or chirpy seasonal decor. And there they are, out by the road, open to whatever the world has to offer them.

What fun if they held funk not junk mail — all kinds of surprises like these do. I’m not sure I’d trust the children to go retrieve the mail if I didn’t know what was going to be therein!

Anyway, the cat sees all and knows all. Which leads me to the title of this one: What the Cat Saw, art quilt, 20 x 16.5.

Check out the 30 for 30 Art Challenge.

We’re almost half way there!

This one was inspired by a picture in the newspaper of a scene from a video game called The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I don’t play video games, but liked the image of a lone horse walking slowly into a wasteland filled with bodies.

I made the decision to buy the horsey I saw the other day in the window at the used “stuff” store in Hamburg.  Now I can photograph him from various angles and I plan to use him (or her) several times in this series.

The title of this is “A Magical Disturbance,” and the size is 15.75 x 20.”