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I just finished a busy week teaching youngsters at a summer camp. Yes, a distraction from my artwork, but I like watching them grow up.  And it helps to ground me to the families in my community and feel a part of it.

The week before that, I participated in a Plein Air contest. Luckily it wasn’t a juried entry, as I am primarily a studio artist. I do like participating  — this was the 3rd year. Working outside heightens your senses, and makes you feel very THERE. I’m happy with one of my pieces, and only medium-satisfied with the other two.  I’ll include pictures of all three. Of course it is a logistical challenge working with fabric outdoors. For one of them I took along our marine battery and inverter and my iron. That way I could fuse down the pieces as I composed.  It actually worked fairly well. The first one, Museum Path, was done on a breezy day, and I was constantly chasing bits of fabric.  I was trying to pin them down, which really didn’t work very well. I had to add all the details: light poles, the bench etc. later in my studio.

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Today I am giving a presentation to a group of traditional quilters entitled “A Tantalizing Introduction to Art Quilts.” It includes the story of how art quilts came about and a hands-on taste of the raw edge applique method. I knew I had to prepare this, including materials for 50 people to work, before January and the 30 for 30 art challenge. So I did, pulling down my favorite art quilt books, reading, scanning pictures, boning up.

But all the same yesterday was very much taken up with final preparations, and loading up the car.  So today’s offering is a little piece that serves as the sample of the method I use.

I do hope to figure out how to put the whole presentation on line, through this blog or my website.  But until then, here is my (humble and untitled) sample.

I did also start work on a bigger piece yesterday.  I hope to finish it this afternoon, and have a proper posting for tomorrow.

finished piece

On Art Teachers in-service day at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts this week, II taught two 50 minute workshops for Art Quilt fusing techniques.  I managed to explain what an Art Quilt is, demonstrate two techniques, and still give the participating teachers time to practice on their own, and come up with a small piece.

I worked hard on organizing my materials and what to say and do. I even practiced on my husband with a timer going.

I’m happy with how it all turned out.  See some pictures of my smarty arty teachers!

Art teacher showing her very artistic piece that she made in about 30 minutes, using heat activated fusing and fabrics.

Art teacher showing her very artistic piece that she made in about 30 minutes, using heat activated fusing and fabrics.

class 2

Two art teachers with their final products. It tickles me that people so often choose colors that they happen to be wearing. You like what you like!

class 3 class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7