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Etsy Shop

Posted: November 17, 2014 in Art Quilts, Events
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I finally set up an Etsy shop. I’ve been putting it off for years, not willing to sit down and spend the hours necessary to put it together.

But now that it is up and going, I am sort of excited!

I have departments for Throw Pillows, Hot Spots, Friendship Wine Totes and Art.

I’ll add more to the art as I go along. Check it out and give me your criticisms. Be merciless — I can take it!!


A friend commissioned me to make her a Hot Spot in a particular design: a comic book woman crying, saying “OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO HAVE CHILDREN!” I checked my go-to fabric designer, Michael Miller, but he has no such design, nor does any other fabric designer that I could find. I did find a magnet on the website that fits the bill, but it is copyrighted material. To get a yard of fabric printed on (which I use a lot), I have to affirm that I have the right to the image.

So!  I designed my own in fabric as a “master,” then took a photo of that, changed up the colors (thank you Photoshop) for variety, and I’ll make my own fabric to use in the Hot Spots. I had to change the image at least 30% — easily accomplished by changing media alone — plus other changes.

Here are my images, followed by the image. I’ll post the final product whenever it gets made!


Master copy of OMG I forgot to have Children