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I signed up for Leslie Saeta’s 30 for 30 challenge which she is holding in February this year.

I’m tweaking the challenge a little.

Since the challenge is meant to be 30 painting in 30 days, But I’m making Art Quilts. So that’s a big fat tweak right there.

And I’m going away for a chunk of February, so I started making my quilts for the challenge this month, in January.

My theme is to do work I need to get done! Not too sexy I guess. I have a one person show in June, for which I’ll need about 14 pieces. I want them all to be new — made in 2018.

And I’m entering work in two jazz themed shows in April. So I want to get that work done too.

Our first art fair is in May this year, so I’ll want to make a number of small pieces for that. So here is some work in progress. Stay tuned!  I’ll be posting every day in February.Work in progress Jan 18


This is the third square of the Tree Map piece. Now I’m going to color shift for the middle three squares.

I got my order of Mistyfuse in just in time yesterday to complete this piece. I’d begun working on another project so as not to waste any time.

I won’t be able to complete the Tree Map for the 30 for 30 art challenge which ends January 30, but I plan to keep posting until it is done. Hate to leave dangling ends! It may not be every day, though, as other work has been piling up this January.

The challenge has indeed caused me to push myself, and I have experimented, as was the intent. I hope the other artists have had the same good experience with this.  Thank you Leslie Saeta for issuing the challenge and keeping up the website.

Tree map 3Tree map entire

I have decided to join the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge.

Of course, you may say,  I don’t actually paint, and art quilts take longer than one day to complete . . . .  so I’ll do the best I can.

The challenge was started by artist Leslie Saeta, and January, 2016 is the 7th challenge she has hosted. In September 2015, 1500 artists in 28 countries took part.

Some people pick themes.  I picked “Things Go Wrong,” after I broke my wrist at the beginning of December.

I wanted to make some quilts that include something from my walks in the neighborhood.  In this case it is the old broken down pick up chassis on the left, being taken over by nature. It rests up the hill from me, not quite forgotten by my car-restoring neighbor.

But I’ll make some other-themed pieces as well.  There will be some on the topic of food, as I’m readying for a local show on that topic.

And — who knows — probably some landscapes, or some on the theme of “Old Wood” which I embarked upon some time ago.

Here is my day one piece, “A Lot Goes Wrong.” It is a small art quilt using fabrics and papers.

Martha Ressler, A Lot Goes Wrong.  Art Quilt, 10.25 x 12.25"

Martha Ressler, A Lot Goes Wrong. Art Quilt, 10.25 x 12.25″