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I received such a welcome email recently. It was one I had always wanted to get.

“Last year your unique ‘Off Season’ hung in the Hawk Mountain Visitors Center and later at Goggleworks in Reading, PA. Your work of art is one that has stuck with me and truly is one of a kind. Your entire quilt collection is quite interesting, in how you honor the art of quilting and create a fresh modern view. Curious as to whether or not “Off Season” remains available. Thanks again for sharing your work at Hawk Mountain and bringing the off season mountain to vibrant life.”

Don’t you wish that your art remained in someone’s mind for a year? I certainly have longed for such a response.

Of course I wrote the young gentleman back, saying that I still had the piece, and we arranged for him to visit my studio to see it.

He came, and bought it, after I made a small change in its presentation, mounting it on stretcher bars covered with linen.

The buyer is a volunteer at Hawk Mountain, a lover of nature, and a delightful human being.

He understood right away why I went to the trouble of making this image using plastic shopping bags, as a nod to the conservation efforts of Hawk Mountain.

I also contacted the art organization that organized the original show, Berks Art Alliance, and sent them a check for a percentage of the sale.  That’s only fair, as the buyer saw the work through their efforts.

off season off season detail3

This piece was accepted into “Tone it UP” opening May 11 at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. The idea was to create on a theme that we are passionate about. I am passionate about lowering my carbon footprint, so I used plastic bags, cut them up and heat-fused them together. I used a simple, classic composition, but there is detail up close. The entire background is hand quilted, and there are words/images you can make out among the pieces of plastic.