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The cooperative gallery of which I’m a member, Art Plus Gallery in West Reading, PA, has been experimenting.

We’ve increased the number of outside venues where we show members art from 3 to 7 and counting. Most of them are cafes or restaurants, and yes, we do occasionally get a sale.

But two of them are different. One is a realtors office, where people are buying homes, and presumably making changes in their decor at the same time.

The other is a design studio. The opening there is tonight, and I’m excited to see what happens.

We did have one sale at the realtors office so far.

martha at Weichert

Martha Ressler, from left: Re-configuring Drake’s Drilling,\; Western PA — Oh What a Relief; Eastward Ho.  Art Quilts. Weichert Realtors.

Milkweed at Saylor House

Martha Ressler, on left, Milkweed, Food Fit for a Monarch.  Art Quilt. Saylor House


My solo show at the YR Cub in Wyomissing, PA, got a nice review today from Reading Eagle art critic Ron Schira.

(Understand this is not a large market!)RE article lead


I wrote recently about attending a poetry reading by Jennifer Hetrick, about workers.

This is a follow up, regarding Jennifer’s interview with me for the Reading Eagle. How it all came about is a twisted path, starting with a recommendation from Jane Stahl of Studio B Gallery in Boyertown. Jennifer pitched an interview with me to her editor, then it got waylaid. I nearly forgot about it.

I attended Jennifer’s reading without connecting her with that long-ago idea for an interview, and got caught up in her poetry reading.  I introduced myself afterwards, and she remembered my name. She then re-pitched the article, got the go-ahead, and did the interview.

Here is her final product. Thank you to Jane and Jennifer!