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from hills and valleys 20 x 30 lo res

I decided to work a little larger than usual for this piece. It is a scene in the Kempton Valley that I’ve done before, from a different angle. Either way, I love the place, near where my cousin lives. I tried a different edging on this one.  I do want some feedback on that.  Does it work, or not?

Martha Ressler

From Hills and Valleys

Art Quilt

20 x 30″


barn shadows 16 x 20 lo res

I spied this small old barn in an alley in Kutztown, PA. It made me think about the close ties between farm and town in my neck of the woods.  And how those ties were even closer whenever this barn was built.

I use vintage feed sacks for the barn. The shadow on the right side of the piece makes you wonder what is next door, out of the picture.

Martha Ressler

Barn Shadows

Art Quilt

16 x 20″

A Separate Piece 20 x 16 lo res

There are sometimes issues in the country. A lone farmer wants to hold out from development. Or, conversely, wants to sell their farm to a developer. Life in town is different from life on the land. Its a separate piece of land, of reality, or of cloth.

Martha Ressler

A Separate Piece

Art Quilt

16 x 20″

purple sky red roof lo res

I noticed the shapes of this barn down the road from us, while out walking one day. I think it makes a great composition on its own.  But I did decide to add the purple sky as an added touch.

Martha Ressler

Red Roof, Purple Sky

Art Quilt

16 x 20″

Red Shed Orange Door Yellow Sky lo res

This is a re-do of a quilt I made a few years ago. The scene of this group of buildings, near Yellow House, PA, tickled me because of the colors. I added the yellow sky in the new piece, as a nod to the proximity of a town with a name like Yellow House, and because it goes with the red and orange. I’m starting to try to see how far I can go in re-organizing a scene using fabric. And still make a representational image, that is.

Martha Ressler

Red Shed, Orange Door, Yellow Sky

Art Quilt

16 x 20″

Purple Thought lo res

This one is an abstraction of the same hills as Day 1 & 2. I wanted to make one in false color, so chose purple and yellows.

Martha Ressler

Purple Thought

Art Quilt

16 x 20″

I decided to put my current show on line.  It is at Awesome Dawgs, what happens when a dog trainer marries an art gallery owner.  An art gallery with a dog training problem, or a dog training facility with an art problem.

Either way, the venue is friendly to art-loving humans and their four legged friends.

Silent Stacks, Fiery Sky, Art Quilt, 25 x 25″ framed. A quiet night in Bethlehem, PA. The preserved steel stacks are dark, but the sunset is brilliant. It struck me that this was the opposite of the past, when the stacks spewed smoke and fire, and the sky was obstructed.

Silent Stacks-fiery sky 23 x 23 small

Steel Mills at Night, Art Quilt, 17 x 22″ framed. An interpretation of Raymond Simboli’s watercolor from 1952, “Steel Mill.” $580

steel mills at night smaller

‘Round the Bend, Art Quilt, 16 x 20″ framed. An interpretation of Everett Longley Warner, Monongahela River, c. 1941. $375

round the bend 16 x 20 after Everett Longley Warner, Monongahela River c 1941

Walking Sketches, Art Quilt, 22 x 22″ framed. As I walked through the streets of the old industrial neighborhood where we lived in Pittsburgh, I got a feeling for the colors, shapes and textures around me. This piece reflects that. It includes some of my “best” found objects, and most interesting altered fabrics. $450

walking sketches 20 x 20

At the River’s Edge, Art Quilt, 21 x 28″ framed. A visit to the old dye works in Shoemakersville, PA, inspired this view of the old factory and the Schuylkill River. The construction method is raw edge applique, with free motion machine quilting. $500

At the Rivers Edge smaller

Stone House in the Valley, Art Quilt, 24 x 31″ framed. I always notice this spot when we visit our cousins in Albany Township, PA. I carried it out in monochrome colors except for the tree. Raw edge applique and machine quilting. $600

stone house in the valley 22 x 29

South Carolina Dawn, Art Quilt, 18 x 23″ framed. Visiting Palm Island South Carolina we arose at dawn for a walk or ride on the beach. This is what I saw. $360

south carolina dawn smaller

Hassler’s Run, Art Quilt, 12 x 15″ framed. Winter landscape, Hassler Run, Tilden Twp. $145

hasslers run smaller

Rusty Musty Fusty, Art Quilt, 24 x 18″ framed. Yo! I like ’em rusty and musty/ Old city factories all scruffy/ And in the country so crusty/ They were cars or trains, all them parts so fusty/ Lying around — almost art — a little fuzzy/ The sun makes you just/ Lovely though scruffy/ That’s OK I’m not fussy/ I’ll take you thusly/ Beauty all rusty. $500

Rusty Musty Fusty small

About the House on the Hill, Art Quilt, 17 x 19″ framed. I started with the image of my neighbor’s house up the hill from us, and made a fantasy landscape from that. $320

about the house on the hill 16.5 x 18 smaller

Awesome Dawgs is located at 3052 Pricetown Rd, Temple, PA.  Their phone number is 610.944.7630. The show will be up through the end of the year. They are able to handle purchases if a check is made out to me.  Otherwise, I can take care of credit card purchases.  Just in case anyone is interested!