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This is the total of what I got done in January: 27 art quilts in 30 days, participating in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days, international art challenge.

Each piece is not linked to its “day.” <sorry!> Day #1 is top left, and it continues left to right along the top row. All the way down to the bottom right. The Tree Map piece is pictured as it is now, incomplete, with 6 pieces.  It will have a total of nine. You can go to my blog to view each piece, and read about its inspiration.

I was going to leave out the demonstration sample from my art quilt class, but then stuck it in anyway so the number would equal 27. It is tagging along at the bottom right.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this, especially my fellow Art Plus Gallery members, Karen Weber and Gloria Urban, and Sue Goodling.

I hope everyone has a great year making art!

30 days total

SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) organizes a “Spotlight Auction” as a major fundraiser at it annual conference. They ask member artists to make a piece only 6 x 8″, either horizontal or vertical, unfinished on the edges. They then put it in a mat and cellophane sleeve, and arrange in a well-organized (and very competitive) silent auction.

Since I didn’t have much time yesterday, I decided to make my donation for this great event. Because it is a small piece it took me less time.

It is a follow up on the previous day’s “What the Cat Saw.”  This one is called “Darn I Was Expecting Art Supplies.” I do depend on ordering many of my supplies. Sometimes you get a surprise!

Darn I Was Expecting Art Supplies 8 x 6

This one has several reference point to my neighborhood walking around. All three street signs are doing duty on my dead end street, plus the decomposing school bus in the top right corner. My idea was to give the viewer the choice of obeying the stop sign at the lower right, or wandering throughout the fantasy ground and enjoying the fruits and flowers, the scampering chicken, the looming cat and the rest of the wonders to behold.

The title is “What’s Your Sign” and the size is 16.25 x 20.25.

Be sure to visit

to see what other artists are up to. I exchange encouragement and stories with a couple of others in my area who are taking the challenge: Brian Warfel and Karen Weber.

Day 5

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About the House on the Hill, 16.5 x 19″ is another is a series inspired by things I see walking around. My innocent neighbor’s house, aided by my imagination, is now sprouting legs. A whole panorama of surprising flora and fauna are romping about her yard.

I am using papers from newspapers, catalogs, magazines aided by a layer of Mistyfuse top and bottom which gives them the strength and fiber so that I can stitch them.

And once again Apoxie Sculpt came to my rescue in attaching the legs, separated from some discarded doll I found at a flea market.

Check out what other artists are doing in the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.

Cheers, and on to tomorrow!

Lingering Winter

This is another new piece inspired by walking and visiting towns in Berks County, my new home. Hamburg is the town of 3000 something that is closest to us, and this is from there. I combined a couple of locations, the church with the pointy green towers, a house, and some row houses. The background represents the mountains in the background, against which the little town nestles.

In the Morning I am So Tall

I was thrilled to learn I got two pieces in a show at Somethings Looming Gallery in Reading. The show, Me Myself and I opens April 12. Naturally with a title like that, they were looking for self portraits. But I balked – the closest I came was one called “In the Morning I am So Tall.” That showed my shadow!!

The other that was accepted is a portrait of my “interior life” at least when I lived in Pittsburgh. It is called “Haven?” I worked many years in the steel industry, and can identify with the feeling that the factory takes over your life. The bits of downtown that show look as far away and unattainable as Oz.

Edge of Morning

I just got this piece into an exhibit (Edge-to-Edge) of the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh. It is called Edge of Morning, and is small, just 12 x 12 x 1.5. As I have been doing, it is inspired by walking the aging industrial streets of Pittsburgh, and picking up found objects as I go. The focal point is that line created by the rooflines as they march down the block.
The show opens Friday Feb. 21 at Borelli-Edwards Gallery, 3583 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 from 5-8 PM. See ya there!

ImageYou never know while logging 10,000 steps a day when you are going to see something truly breathtaking.

This morning as I stepped outside my door for a walk to the grocery store was one of those mornings.

It was 7:22 AM. The very air had taken on an orange-suffused glow.  There were long strips of clouds the length of the sky, like plowed furrows in a field.  Their salmon color was almost incandescent. I walked to the store in a state of wonder; feeling like the air itself had taken on a magical quality.

By the time I arrived, the clouds had shifted to yellow, then yellow-gray.

While walking to work about 15 minutes later, the clouds strips had morphed to a dull light grey that blended in with the sky. The moment was gone forever.

I didn’t try to get a picture of it.  My camera phone would not have been able to capture the magic.

But yesterday, walking home from work, the golden light of the late afternoon sun lit up a row of old factory buildings, which the deep blue sky complemented.  I did get a picture of that. It reminded me of the most basic inspiration for my art: the beauty in our aging cities.

At a weekend workshop called “Charting your Artistic Genealogy” developed and led by Leisa Rich, I had an “A-ha” moment when Leisa suggested I should blog about my 10,000 steps a day. <head slap!>

My blog is entitled Fabrics, found objects, and 10,000 steps a day. But  . . . I never talk about the actual process of managing to reach 10,000 steps a day!!

I aim to rectify that oversight, starting now.

I got out of the workshop at 2 PM, and checked my pedometer.  Only 2000 steps logged so far that day — despair!! On a normal week day, I walk for 30-40 minutes before even sitting down at my desk.  That gives me about 3500 steps “in the bank” to start with.

Then I walk 20-30 minutes at lunch, which gives me another 2500 or so. By jumping up from my desk at every opportunity, I can get 2000 in at work. As the work day comes to a close, I’m pleased to see I am at about 7000. So with a walk home (1900) and a walk to the studio in the evening and back (800 each way), and I’m over my 10,000.

But yesterday afternoon, I had a decision to make. To get 8000 steps more seemed overwhelming. All I wanted to do was get into my studio and work. But I decided to go for it anyway.  

I walked to the Shop ‘n Save (a nice little trick that gives me about 1500 steps total). I buy one or two things that I can carry home in my re-usable tote bag. Yesterday I added several extra blocks, so that I stood at nearly 5000 when I returned home.  Then I walked the “long way” to the studio and back. As I watched the Steelers and Raiders game after dinner, sewing away at a pile of hand work, I stood at 8000. Not quite there! Should I give up? Run in place (yuck I don’t like doing that.  Boring!)

I realized I forgot something at the studio, so I walked down and back, and Voila! I made it. When I went to bed the pedometer said 10312, and I got the little fist pumping icon that I like to see.

But what did I see and feel? Sunday the sky was the thing.  Dramatic clouds with sun-lit highlights, separated by patches of blue. I heard a weed whacker on Kent Way, and the whine of a circular saw on Carnegie Street where Keith is endlessly remodeling the home of his dreams. A determined old gentleman shoveled good rich soil from his pick-up to his garden on Natrona Way. I didn’t get specific art inspiration, but took some pictures of interesting textures.  These I will print on cloth and use in my compositions. And found objects? I snagged a prize Doritos bag (with the really strong red and orange colors), some kind of neat heavy metal washer thing, and a grinding disk.

I was happy!